What Type of Eyeliner is Asian Fishing?


When it comes to makeup, many people like to wear a ‘geisha’ look that consists of pale skin, red lips, and black eyeliner. This type of look is very popular with Asian women and has become increasingly common in Western society. What do you think about that what is asian fishing eyeliner?

Despite this popularity, some people have criticised the ‘geisha’ look as being inappropriate for everyday use. However, there are certain types of makeup that can be very flattering on anyone.

Winged eyeliner

Winged eyeliner is a classic makeup look that can be worn on a daily basis or at a more special event. The beauty of this type of makeup is that it accentuates the eyes and can make them stand out from the rest of the face.

The trend has been around for a while and has recently become popular in Western culture. Asian individuals have voiced their disapproval of the trend, as it is objectifying and racist to use their traits in a fashion trend.

When creating a wing eyeliner, it is important to take into consideration the shape of your eye and the level of drama you want to create. This will determine the length and thickness of the wings you will create.

Generally, a winged liner should be applied with small, thin strokes. This will help it to be thicker as you get closer to the outer corner of your eye. It is also important to blend the eyeliner with your lashes as you apply it.

If you are not sure where to begin, start by drawing a very thin line on the inner corners of your eyes. This will allow you to see the exact shape of the wing before applying it on the outer corners of your eyes.

Once you have determined where to draw your wing, you need to decide on the shade of the eyeliner you are going to use. Whether you are going for a simple, thin winged look or a bold and dramatic one, it is important to pick a color that complements your eye.

You can also try experimenting with different eyeliner formulas such as liquid or gel. These types of liner are easier to work with and give you more control over the look, however, they tend to be harder to apply and can be messy.

For a more delicate winged eyeliner look, you can try using pencil eyeliners. These are beginner-friendly and easier to apply. They are also more flexible and less messy.

Another way to create a softer and more subtle wing is to apply the eyeliner with a fine-tipped brush. This will help you to apply the liner more evenly and will reduce the chance of smudging it.


Asian fishing is a term that is used to describe people who try to look like East Asians, typically through makeup or photo editing. These people will try to change their eye shape or create the illusion of having monolids.

Some of these people will even go as far as using a white eyeliner to make their eyes appear longer or slanted. This isn’t the same as doll eye which would be putting white under your eyes to look bigger but it is the same concept.

The trend started with a TikTok video, and it quickly became popular among both Asians and non-Asians. This type of makeup is a popular choice because it makes the face look soft and young.

However, some people have criticized the fox eye look as racist and cultural appropriation. This is because it mimics the eye shapes that have been mocked and abused for generations among Asian communities.

This trend is similar to how White Hollywood used blackface and redface to impersonate and ridicule people from other races they perceived as less than them. When non-Asians mimic these looks, they are trying to make themselves look more Asian, which is a form of cultural appropriation.

Another example of Asian fetishization is the recent Instagram post by singer Ariana Grande, who was spotted wearing sharp eyeliner and dyed her hair darker. The reaction was mostly negative, but some were quick to defend her and point out that she wasn’t actually trying to look Asian.

In her post, she said that she had been trying to change her appearance for the past few years. She claims that she was tired of the constant mocking she received and wanted to “look more asian.â€

It is important to remember that it is not just winged eyeliner that is considered to be asian fishing; it is also things that non-Asians do to try and look more Asian. One of the most common is photoshopping or taping their eyelid crease off, but there are other things that can be done to change your appearance that I have not seen much discussion about.


Typically a combination of eyeliner, lip gloss, and mascara, the lips are often the least glamorous part of the makeup kit. However, a little makeup magic can go a long way in ensuring that your pout shines through. This is especially true if you’re in the mood to dress up for a night on the town or a big date. The best way to do this is to use a good quality lip liner that matches your lipstick or gloss and to be consistent in application throughout the day. The result is a plumper pout without the need for reapplying product. The most important thing to remember when applying this product is that you should always apply it to clean lips and never on the edges. The result is a smooth, even finish that lasts all night. Thankfully, this type of product is available in almost every department store and drugstore in the country.


Asian fishing makeup is a type of makeup that originated in Japan and is usually worn by men who fish in open water. It includes powder, blush, eye shadow and lipstick to help fishermen look more attractive and approachable to potential prey. It also helps them to avoid being photographed while they are out on the water.

Many people who wear this type of makeup claim to be attempting to imitate the makeup worn by women in East Asia, and they often use winged eyeliner and bold brows to achieve this effect. They then add a pop of color to their lips with bright lipstick or gloss.

This type of makeup can make your eyes appear almond-shaped and slanted, which is a characteristic that people often associate with Asian eyes. It can also make them look more rounded and fuller, which is another common feature of Asian eyes.

The trend has been popularized by influencers on Instagram and TikTok, who use angular eyeliner to create an elongated look that mimics Asian eyes. The angular lines can be applied to the inner corner of the eye and the outer edge of the eye, or both.

Some people may feel that this type of makeup is harmless, while others believe it is a form of cultural appropriation. Regardless of the opinion, it is important to be aware of how this makeup can affect Asian people and their culture.

It can be harmful to Asian people because it is a way of ignoring their history and appropriating features that have historically been viewed as offensive or inferior. It is also dangerous to Asian women, as it can fetishize their appearance and lead to violence and other forms of discrimination.

In recent years, there has been a rise in what is called Asian-fishing, which is when a non-Asian person attempts to look like an East Asian individual through their clothing and makeup. This can include wearing a kimono, puffing air into their cheeks to make them look more Asian or using eyeliner to exaggerate features that actual East Asian individuals don’t have.

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