Norstrat is a powerful software that helps businesses optimize their supply chains. It does this by helping to identify and solve problems with the flow of goods from point A to point B. Norstrat provides businesses with actionable insights so that they can make informed decisions about how to improve their logistics and supply chains. With Norstrat, businesses can achieve these goals in a variety of ways, including reducing costs, increasing efficiency and improving customer experience. So what does Norstrat have to do with you? Quite simply, Norstrat can help you optimize your supply chains so that you can increase profitability, reduce risk and improve the customer experience. If you’re looking for help optimizing your supply chains, then Norstrat is the software for you.


Norstrat is a software platform that helps users understand and manage their risk. Norstrat’s online platform offers users the ability to identify, assess and manage their risks in real-time, according to the company. Norstrat also provides a wide range of services that include risk management, analysis and forecasting.

Norstrat was originally developed in 2005 by London-based financial firm Gartner as part of its Risk Management Platforms Symposium series. The platform has since been licensed to a number of other organizations, including Munich Re, Swiss Re and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. Norstrat can be used to manage both corporate and individual risk.

NORSTRAT’s Purpose and Services

Norstrat is a global provider of environmental data services and software. Our purpose is to make environmental data more accessible, useful and reliable for decision-makers around the world. We provide a range of services, including data analysis, consulting, training and support.

Norstrat has been providing environmental data services for over 30 years. We work with governments, international organizations, scientists and businesses around the world to help them make informed decisions about the environment.

Our main areas of expertise are air quality data, climate data, water quality data, land use data and species status information. We also offer software that makes it easy to access and use these datasets.

We offer a range of services to help people use environmental data effectively. These include:

– Data analysis: Norstrat can help you understand how different factors affect the environment. This can help you make better decisions about your own life or the lives of people around you.

– Consulting: Norstrat can provide expert advice on how to use environmental data effectively. This can help you save money or improve your business operations.

– Training: Norstrat offers training courses that teach people how to use environmental data effectively. This can help them save time or improve their skills in a specific area.


Norstrat is a predictive analytics platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate forecasts for businesses. Norstrat’s forecasts help companies make better decisions by providing insights into future trends.

Norstrat was founded in 2006 by two entrepreneurs, Artem Dymovsky and Dmitry Kuzmin. The company initially developed its technology for use by Russian banks and other financial institutions. However, the company has since expanded its services to include a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, and energy.

Norstrat offers three primary types of forecasts: trend predictions, short-term forecast updates, and long-term forecast updates. Trend predictions are designed to provide an overview of long-term trends in a given industry or market. Short-term forecast updates focus on providing real-time information about upcoming events in a given industry or market. Long-term forecast updates offer more comprehensive insights into future trends in a given industry or market.

Norstrat also provides custom forecasting services for businesses that need additional support in predicting future trends. These services include consulting on the design of forecasting models, providing training on how to use Norstrat’s software, and offering support during periods of peak demand for forecasting services.

Why You Should Use NORSTRAT

Norstrat is a global forecasting and analysis company that provides services to the energy, financial, and agricultural sectors. Norstrat’s forecasts are used to identify trends and make informed decisions that benefit businesses and consumers. The company uses a number of different methods to produce its forecasts, including statistical models, climate data, economic indicators, and surveillance data.


Norstrat typically produces two types of forecasts: short-term forecasts and long-term forecasts. Short-term forecasts cover the next three months or less, while long-term forecasts cover more than one year. Each type of forecast has its own advantages and disadvantages: for example, short-term forecasts are useful for making decisions about immediate events, but they may be less accurate overall because they do not take into account longer-term trends.

The most common method Norstrat uses to produce its predictions is statistical modeling. This approach uses mathematical equations to simulate the behavior of various factors in order to generate predictions about future events or trends. Other methods Norstrat uses include climate data (to predict temperature fluctuations), economic indicators (to predict changes in market prices), and surveillance data (to identify new trends


Norstrat is a comprehensive portfolio of services including investment planning, risk management and trading. It offers both individual investors and institutional clients access to a wide range of products and services that can help them achieve their financial goals. Norstrat’s strong focus on client service ensures that its clients always have the support they need to succeed.

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