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Hashtags, in all their glory, are one of the most powerful tools a brand can have. They give users a way to quickly find and follow related topics, which can lead to increased exposure for your brand or product. Unfortunately,

Twitter team Trump’s recent “#PotusMorsemashable” hashtag is a terrible example of how to use hashtags. The hashtag was created to promote President Donald Trump’s latest Twitter rant against Amazon, which you can read more about here.

In its short life span, the hashtag has been used to share photos and videos of people using #PotusMorsemashable in various humorous ways.

However, it’s now been hijacked by Trump supporters who are using it to share images and videos that are overtly pro-Trump and anti-Amazon.

There’s nothing wrong with expressing your support for Trump or giving him credit where credit is due. However, using a hashtag like #PotusMorsemashable to do so is ill-advised and will only backfire on you. Stay classy, Team Trump.

The Problem with the “PotusMorsemashable” Hashtag

Twitter’s team Trump’s “PotusMorsemashable” hashtag is one of the more terrible hashtags on the platform.

The hashtag was first introduced as a way to share screenshots of President Donald Trump’s tweets that were being mashing together. Unfortunately, it has quickly turned into a cesspool of anti-Trump sentiment and hate speech.

In just over a week, the hashtag has been used to share dozens of examples of racist, sexist, and homophobic tweets. Some users even use the hashtag to promote neo-Nazi propaganda.

Twitter needs to take action against thishashtag specifically and eradicate all forms of hate speech from its platform.

The Solution: A Better Hashtag for Trump Tweets

Hashtags are an important part of Twitter and allow users to track conversations around specific topics. However, the Trump team’s “PotusMorsemashable” hashtag is a major disaster.

The hashtag was created in March as a way for Trump supporters to share memes and jokes about the president. However, it has since been used to spread misinformation and conspiracy theories. For example, one tweet read “Is it just me or did NK just launch another missile?” This tweet is evidence that the Trump team is ignoring North Korea’s nuclear threats. However, other tweets use the hashtag to spread false information or promote conspiracy theories about the president.

One example of this is a tweet that claims Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey because he was investigating him for Russian collusion. This tweet uses the PotusMorsemashable hashtag to make it look like a legitimate news story. In reality, this tweet is fake news and was created by a Russian propaganda site called RT America to discredit Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election.

Twitter’s team should change the “#PotusMorsemashable” hashtag so that it is more effective at promoting conversation around President Trump and his policies on Twitter.


Twitter has been using the “#PotusMorsemashable” hashtag to refer to President Trump’s tweeting habits. The hashtag is a combination of the words “potus” and “morse code.” Some people find the hashtag funny, while others think it’s juvenile and inappropriate. Here are five reasons why #PotusMorsemashable is a terrible Twitter tag:

1. It trivializes Trump’s important tweets.

#PotusMorsemashable makes Trump’s tweets seem like they’re just jokes or minor details that don’t matter. This undermines Trump’s credibility and diminishes the importance of his messages.

2. It perpetuates sexist stereotypes about women and men.

The hashtag reinforces sexist stereotypes about women and men. For example, by implying that all women love potty humor and that all men are able to use Morse code, it labels all women as fools and all men as experts in technology. This type of thinking is outdated, offensive, and wrong.

3. It excludes people who don’t follow politics closely.

If you don’t follow politics closely, you might not know what #PotusMorsemashable is referring to or what the acronym means. This makes it hard for non-political people to participate in the conversation and understand what’s happening on Twitter.

4. It can be distracting when trying to focus on other tasks.

When you’re looking at your Twitter feed

Problems with the Hashtag

Twitter’s new hashtag for the president, “PotusMorsemashable,” has quickly become one of the platform’s worst trends. The hashtag was created to make it easier to search for and share Trump-related tweets, but it has been poorly executed and is proving to be a major embarrassment for Twitter.

The hashtag is embarrassing because it is frequently used by Trump supporters to bash opponents on the social media platform. For example, one user recently tweeted a screenshot of a message they received from their bank asking them to stop using the hashtag because it was causing negative online reviews. This type of behavior reflects poorly on Twitter and makes it difficult for the company to promote its other initiatives, such as its efforts to deter hate speech on the platform.

Twitter also faces another problem with “PotusMorsemashable.” The term is registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), meaning that Twitter could face legal problems if it does not properly protect its intellectual property rights. In May 2016, Donald Trump filed a trademark application for “PotusMorsemashable” with the USPTO. This suggests that he may have planned to use the term commercially—a violation of Twitter’s terms of service. If Trump does use the term commercially without permission from Twitter, he could face legal action from the company.

Background of Hashtag

Twitter’s “PotusMorsemashable” hashtag is one of the worst things to happen to the platform in a long time. The hashtag, which was created by members of Twitter’s team who support President Trump, is intended to be a humorous reference to Trump’s tendency to use Morse code when issuing tweets. However, the hashtag is not funny and has been poorly executed from the start.

The hashtag was first introduced on July 2nd, 2017, and quickly gathered momentum as users attempted to find all of Trump’s tweets that used the @potusmorsemashable account. However, many of these tweets were deleted soon after they were posted, presumably because they were not very funny. As a result, the hashtag has been mainly used to share mock screenshots of Trump’s tweets instead of providing a meaningful commentary on them.

This trend continued throughout August and September 2017, with most of Trump’s tweets using the @potusmorsemashable account being deleted within minutes or hours after they were posted. This lack of quality makes the hashtag difficult to follow and viewing it can be quite frustrating.

Twitter should have never allowed this inappropriate and unfunnyhashtagto become popular among its users. It’s now one of the biggest headaches for anyone who wants to keep track of what’s happening on Twitter during this tumultuous time in America

The Twitter Team’s Use of the Hashtag

Twitter’s team Trump’s use of the hashtag “PotusMorsemashable” is so terrible that it’s almost comical. The hashtag was created on July 2nd, 2016 and originally used to promote President Obama’s speeches. Since then, it has been used sporadically by the team Trump to promote their own tweets and various news stories. The hashtag has since been deleted but can be seen in archived versions of Twitter.

The hashtag was most recently used on July 26th, 2016 when President Trump tweeted about Hillary Clinton’s health. In that tweet, he wrote “#CrookedHillary shouldn’t be allowed to run because she’s a bad #HealthCzar!” Shortly after that tweet was posted, the #PotusMorsemashable hashtag was used to promote several tweets mocking Clinton’s health.

Twitter’s team Trump uses the hashtags intermittently and inconsistently which makes it difficult for users to find relevant or interesting tweets using the tag. Additionally, the hashtag is often used in promotion of offensive or derogatory content which can further alienate potential followers.

Potential Consequences

Twitter’s decision to use the term “PotusMorsemashable” as their official hashtag for the presidential election may have had unintended consequences. The hashtag, which is a reference to a Simpsons episode in which Homer accidentally causes the death of then-president George Washington, has been used to ruthlessly ridicule Trump and even promote violence against him.

The hashtag is also being used by bots and trolls to amplify negative posts about Trump, further damaging his image. In addition, its casual nature may be turning some voters off from using it during the election. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has since apologized for choosing the hashtag and promised to avoid using it in future elections.

This debacle shows just how important it is for companies to have a clear social media strategy before Election Day. If Twitter had chosen something more discreet, like #ElectionDay or #VoteTrump2016, they might not be facing such backlash now.


Twitter’s team Trump’s “PotusMorsemashable” hashtag is so terrible because it is not only ineffective – it actually backfires. The hashtag was created to be a light-hearted jab at former President Obama and his penchant for using Twitter, but instead it has turned into an embarrassing mockery of the current president. By using this hashtag, Team Trump is inadvertently giving ammunition to their opponents who are already attacking them on a daily basis. If they want to win back public opinion, they should scrap the #PotusMorsemashable hashtag and come up with something more effective that will actually help them accomplish their goals.

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