Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Lagos, Nigeria


The attraction of any place is the key to having the desire to visit that place. People search for their desired location and add them to their visit list. Going to an area with nothing or less for the people is useless for both (time and money). And when they get time to go anywhere, they usually choose the place from their list that is most attractive and affordable. Only attractions of a destination can’t fulfil the purpose of having fun. For example, if the tourists find that their selected places are too expensive and can exceed their budget, they will prefer to avoid that place. However, attraction under the budget is the goal of every traveller. 

But this is a challenge to have fun and save simultaneously. Well, of course, this is challenging but possible as well. Do you wonder how? Let us explain if you are looking to get cheap flights to Lagos for the most attractive places; indeed, this article is for you. Reading the details of this guide will help you enjoy visiting your most attractive location under your budget. 

Overview of Lagos, Nigeria

When we talk about an attractive place, how can we forget the attractions of Lagos, Nigeria? Lagos, one of the 36 states that make up Nigeria, is also the epicentre of Africa’s economic renaissance and one of the cities with the fastest population increase. Nigeria’s former federal capital was Lagos. The early inhabitants first called it Eko until a Portuguese sailor named it Lagos. Lagos is still widely known as “Eko” in current times, in addition to other nicknames like “Lasgidi” or “Lag.”

People in Lagos originate from various tribes, faiths, cultures, and linguistic backgrounds. Whether you’re a temporary visitor or a resident for the long term, Lagos will welcome you with open arms. So, below are some top-rated tourist attractions for you. Let’s go through it: 

  • Centre of the craziness: Lagos residents may be somewhat insane. Try not to be too collected or mild-mannered in Lagos since there are times when a little bit of a display of craziness is required. You may unleash your inner child without fear in this city since it embraces insanity with open arms.
  • Makoko, a floating city in Lagos, is the home of Makoko. People do all of their everyday chores and commercial dealings on the water. They use the waterways to go about the city. There is no other place in Nigeria like Lagos State for this; it is exclusive to Lagos State.
  • A centre for entertainment in Africa: Lagos State is the continent’s entertainment capital. Actors, musicians, and comedians from Nigeria who are well-known call Lagos home. The bulk of record labels serving international celebrities of Nigerian heritage has their headquarters in this city. Lagos is the best place to achieve your dreams if you have singing, acting, dancing, or stand-up comedy skills.
  • A wide range of employment prospects: Lagos offers many employment opportunities, which has prompted comparisons to land with milk and honey. This is real. There is always work for you, regardless of your degree or level of laziness.
  • Business activities: Lagos acts as the centre of several business activities. It should be no surprise that it ranks first in Nigeria and third in all of Africa for millionaires. Even though the city has a good standard of living and is prosperous, there is some poverty there.
  • The beaches: range from the large, open Meia Praia on the eastern edge of the town (which is frequently crowded in the summer with volleyball matches and beach bars) to the solitary coves beneath the majestic cliffs of the Ponta do Piedade.

So, there are many attractions in Lagos, Nigeria, not only for tourists but also for the residents. 

After knowing all of the attractiveness of Lagos, Nigeria, the only thing that remains behind that is the flight booking of this beautiful place. As we discussed earlier, having all the entertainment under our budget is significant. Well, there is nothing to worry about as there are multiple ways to have a low-cost journey to Lagos, Nigeria. Some of which are mentioned below to help you on your next visit.  

  • Firstly, do maximum research about the airiness and get enough knowledge of having cheap flights to this city. This will help you compare the prices of multiple platforms before booking and have the best and fewer options for your journey. 
  • Second, always prefer to plan on weekdays as the flight prices decrease during the week compared to the weekends. Especially Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to have an airline under your dedicated budget. It will help you save and spend money on the flight during your tour. 
  • Then, never forget to book your journey in advance. If you are sure that you are going to visit this city, have decided about the month so this is useless to book the airline in the eleventh hour. Early booking always gives many advantages such as a confirmation of seat, cheap quote and so on. 
  • Last but not least, choose indirect flights despite direct flights. The indirect flight is less expensive or cheaper than the direct flight. It gives you a chance to add stopovers and visit other unknown locations as well. 

However, there is a massive list of tips for a trip full of attractions and under your budget. To have this, you only have to work smartly and wisely. Be active in your work, resulting in excellent and favourable results. So, get up and book your cheap flight to Nigeria

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