Top ideas for startups to develop healthcare apps in 2023


The arrival of smartphones and their apps has changed the dynamics of communication and business operations. Mobile apps have enabled people to use brands to acquire services or products parallel to physical marketplaces. These apps have created a situation where both brands and audiences are winners. With the GCC region going towards complete digitalization, investing in mobile apps seems the logical way.

Businesses from all walks of life, including the healthcare sector, have been using mobile apps to provide their services. Due to their convenience and ease of use, mobile apps in the healthcare industry are in high demand. You can access several digital health services with a simple touch of your smartphone screen. Some of the best mobile app developer Dubai are investing their resources to explore the potential of the healthcare industry and what else they can do to improve it.

How are healthcare apps changing the medical sector for good?

Download a healthcare app, create a profile, contact a suitable medical consultant, and book your appointment. Everything in your medical history can be uploaded to that app’s cloud, making it convenient for you to access.

This is the ease and convenience of a healthcare app, which is why the medical and healthcare industry is moving swiftly toward digitalization. A renowned mobile app development company Qatar believes that the medical and healthcare sectors will be the ones to benefit most from this digital transformation.

Independent research shows that the healthcare app market was worth US $24.93 billion in 2020. It is predicted that this sector will witness unprecedented market growth to reach US $314.60 Billion by 2028. These figures suggest that every startup will focus on building a competitive healthcare app in 2023. For this reason, we will discuss top ideas for all startups to develop healthcare apps.

IoMT Apps

IoMT Apps, or Internet of Medical Things, is an assortment of medical tools and apps that use networking to form a networking chain of healthcare information technology. These healthcare apps link physicians to their patients and allow the transfer of medical data through a secured channel.

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Any startup can develop an effective IoMT app and make a name for themselves in the healthcare business. This app can reduce any patient’s hospital visits and reduce the pressure on healthcare systems.

Medical training app with AI integration

Augmented reality can help to train medical professionals about conducting different surgeries. With digitalization in healthcare, the medical world may move away from experimenting on an actual human body to learn about surgeries and completely shift towards AR. AI integration in a medical training app can bring more possibilities and help accomplish more in the medical field.

A leading company of mobile app development Bahrain is working on artificial intelligence and its applications in the medical sciences. It aims to revolutionize this industry with state-of-the-art apps in the near future.

Drug discovery app based on AI

The development of pharmaceutical medication is an expensive and time-taking procedure. An AI healthcare app can reduce the time spent in development cycles, cutting cost and time in the whole system. With a drug discovery app, algorithms can speed up processes that can take multiple years to complete. The extents of progression are still undefined in this kind of healthcare application, which is why any startup has a higher chance of success.

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Tracking app for chronic diseases

Living with a chronic disease is not easy for a patient. Anyone with such an illness can go into denial and entirely ignore their health status. For this reason, it is imperative to have a tracking app for chronic diseases that can monitor the health and quality of any patient. This app can look into patients’ vital signs and suggest they follow a diet plan or adhere to certain limits.

A chronic patient doesn’t need a doctor or hospital all the time. This app can help them track their health accordingly, and they can stay comfortably and conveniently at their homes.

Mental Health App

This era’s fast-paced lifestyle has made several mental issues, such as depression, PTSD, stress, anxiety, and more, very common. People who seem normal can have a severe mental disorder. Developing a mobile app dedicated to providing diagnosis and treatment for mental health problems can present many solutions to all patients. This app can become an overnight hit among users, which is why we recommend it to all startups.

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