There are different types of BPH


There are different types of BPH. It is an enlargement of the prostate gland in men. This is caused by age, hormonal changes, and certain medications. Sometimes BPH can cause a person to have difficulty urinating. This is called bladder outflow obstruction. BPH can also cause problems with sexual function and impotence. Fortunately, BPH is usually easy to treat.

You can use natural herbs to help relieve BPH symptoms. In general, these herbs include Pygeum africanum, beta-sitosterol, cernilton, and saw palmetto. In this Fluxactive article, we’ll look at the safety and efficacy of herbal supplements for relieving BPH symptoms.

The first herbal treatment we will look at is beta-sitosterol. Beta-sitosterol is a plant extract found in the seeds of Pygeum africanum. A review of the evidence shows that Pygeum africanum may decrease BPH symptoms in a dose-dependent manner. The data regarding the effects of cernilton are mixed. Another review suggests that Pygeum africanum may have a benefit in relieving urinary urgency and frequency. The review also says that Pygeum africanum is probably safe. A review of the evidence for saw palmetto is unavailable.

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