Proven Methods to Get More Leads as a Roofing Contractor


Generating leads can be challenging in the roofing industry, whether you specialize in commercial or residential projects. However, securing high-quality leads is crucial to bringing in new business for your company. To achieve this, you need to develop a strong marketing strategy.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of top suggestions for generating roofing leads. The good news is that many of these strategies are easy to implement and won’t require a large budget.

What are roofing leads exactly? 

Simply put, they are potential clients who are interested in hiring roofing professionals for their projects.

Whether you’re looking to generate leads for residential or commercial roofing, here are ten efficient lead-generating techniques for the roofing industry featuring a blend of offline and internet marketing techniques.

1. Increase lead generation on your website

If your small business has a website, you can generate leads there and establish an online presence.

Remember, the majority of website visitors who view one of your landing pages will just browse and leave without taking any further action. Lead generation forms can be used in situations like these. You can integrate forms into your landing pages by employing pop-ups or sign-up forms. The following are some fundamental guidelines for lead-generating forms:

  • Add a strong call-to-action (CTA) that motivates new visitors to schedule a free estimate, a no-obligation consultation, or to receive a discount on their first roofing service.
  • Get contact details for possible clients.
  • Encourage these leads to proceed with reserving your services by following up with immediate SMS and email marketing campaigns.

2. Add an online chat feature to your website

Including a real-time messaging function on your website is another approach to keep people on your page before they leave. 

Live chat applications have assisted businesses in multiplying their lead generation efforts by four to eight and increasing conversion rates by 20%.

While you’re here…

Insurance for contractors is essential to protect their businesses from unexpected losses or damages. Especially for roofers, who often work in dangerous and unpredictable conditions, having proper insurance coverage is crucial to avoid financial and legal troubles in case of accidents or injuries. It’s important to work with a reputable insurance provider and review the policy carefully to ensure that all potential risks and liabilities are covered. With the right insurance for roofers coverage, contractors can have peace of mind and focus on delivering high-quality services to their clients.

3. Consolidate your local SEO

Gaining internet business relies heavily on local search engine optimization (SEO). Around half (53%) of all website traffic is generated organically by search engines like Google and Bing.

Even though you might be right nearby where your clients’ homes or places of employment, today’s consumers prefer to research businesses online before contacting them or visiting their offices.

Are you among the top search results when customers in your service area type “roofing business near me”? Probably not if your website isn’t properly optimized.

Here are some crucial local SEO pointers that can raise the position of your website:

  • Verify that your Google Business Profile (formerly known as a Google My Business page) is accurate and updated.
  • Your website and Google Business Profile page should both contain keywords.
  • Use content marketing on your website to promote keywords that clients would use to find a company like yours. 

4. Ask for reviews

It makes sense to solicit more reviews because higher online ratings result in better SEO rankings. But that isn’t the only advantage. Internet customer reviews for your roofing business are very important for bringing in new clients. Potential clients are more likely to believe these word-of-mouth suggestions since, according to one survey, 49% of individuals said they believe online evaluations just as much as personal recommendations.

5. Consider PPC (pay-per-click) advertisements

Consider promoting your roofing services using pay-per-click advertising on websites like Facebook Ads and Google Ads if you want to reach your target demographic in your service area.

PPC advertising is displayed as sponsored Facebook posts and sponsored search results, and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. For every dollar spent on Google AdWords, businesses typically make $2 in revenue.

6. Try pay-per-lead (PPL) advertising

Although pay-per-click advertisements are fantastic for increasing awareness, the problem is that not every person who clicks on your advertisements will convert to a lead.

If you’re seeking to gain more roofing jobs and more contacts for your client database, pay-per-lead advertising, like Google Local Services Advertising, is a more alluring option because you only pay for the leads generated from your ads.

7. Establish strategic partnerships

Being a local company, you should create strategic alliances with nearby companies that are similar to your industry but aren’t direct rivals. Both parties will gain from the proper kind of partnership.

For instance, think about collaborating with nearby home improvement retailers. A variety of clients who could require roofing services will be coming in. You might receive direct referrals from the shop if you have a partnership. You can also recommend customers to your partner store for their do-it-yourself projects.

8. Start a program for client recommendations

Consider setting up a referral program that pays clients to introduce you to friends and family to encourage word-of-mouth recommendations. Give a customer-friendly bonus that won’t cost you a lot of money.

For instance, you might provide a free gutter repair in the future if a previous customer recommends you to new clients. How a small reward encourages clients to spread the news will astound you.

9. Distribute referral campaigns via SMS and email.

After your client referral program is up and running, you can send automated marketing messages urging prior customers to take part using a platform for SMS.

Even if it might sound dated, sending out direct mail fliers to the area still generates leads for roofing. This approach is excellent for attracting nearby residents because it may be very personalized (“from your [region] neighbours at [Company Name]”).

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