We thought the community would like to share their Dennys RECOLLECTION memories, so we asked on social media, and the responses poured in.


First, some background. Denny’s began as Danny’s Donuts in Los Angeles in 1953, but changed its name to Denny’s to prevent confusion with another Dan’s. Denny’s started franchising in the 1960s and now has 1,600 locations in 12 countries called Denny’s near me.


Pam Granger recalls home searching in April 1992, when Dennys was one of the few restaurants open until 9 p.m. This may be true once reopened and discount available on Denny’s coupon.


Googie architecture includes classic drive-in theatre signs with Jetson-style text and stars, towering pointed spires above gas station or car wash signs, and Route 66 restaurant signs on Denny’s near me.


Barb Brooks remembers the 1990s Petaluma High FFA judging teams’ routine: Dennys for breakfast on the drive to UC Davis and other field day events, then Baskin Robbins afterward. In the 1990s, Denny’s offered Baskin Robbins ice cream.


I didn’t know Denny’s near me provided post-theater kids programming. After Cinnabar Young Rep. Frances Rivetti, my Argus food column predecessor, said Mike Whooley “used to hang out there after Petaluma High School play practice”

Kelly Smallcombe played plays in high school and always went to Dennys afterward.


“We sometimes went after Rocky Horror dressed up. Late at night, you’d encounter a diverse crowd.” “So many post-rave lunches!” said April Lofgren.


Denny’s hosted many clean weeknight and weekend evenings. Linda Davidowski and friends used to go to Denny’s after roller skating at the fairgrounds. Denny’s near me was my first full-time job following college.


Not alone after line dancing all night at Kodiak Jack’s, Angelina McCall and her friends went to Denny’s for pancakes and milkshakes.


At Dennys, Denny’s near me I always had strawberry shakes with “dipping fries” instead of vanilla. They were a standard addition to any Denny’s shake.


When there was a Monday morning food battle tale to tell, it was generally at Denny’s or Lyon’s. Teenage I tipped well.


Nasim Ahamed Khan, the new owner of Petaluma Denny, wrote a thank you and update on Petaluma Foodies.

“We are fortunate to join you all. We’re reopening Denny’s with new management. We are making the place family-friendly. We renovated the interior, kitchen, garden, parking, walls, and paint. We’re improving our rooftop design with city hall. I hope drivers have noticed the improvements. We’ll open in 24 hours.


Rarely was the list without Denny’s near me or Lyon’s.


The menu has memories for many of us, and not only because of dish titles like “The Grand Slamwich®”, “The Super Bird”, and “Moons Over My Hammy®”. Jason Sarris says, “Petaluma Denny’s offered grits.” Favorite.” I don’t see it on their menu, but I’d order it if it returned.

Antonia Baskin recalls alternate diets being difficult in the 1960s and 1970s, except at Denny’s. Son our 3 a.m. family road vacations, my firstborn (now 58) and his sibling were always woken for an eggless pancake breakfast. In those days, only Denny’s along the interstates offered non-meat or non-egg meals. We loved the yellow Denny’s sign.”


Caitln Quinn’s reaction brought back wonderful and body warming camping memories. “After winter camping with pals, we went someplace we probably shouldn’t have been. Because we couldn’t sleep and were freezing, we packed up the tents around 4 a.m. Denny’s was wonderful for our 19–20-year-old famished, broke selves.


Denny’s was many people’s first restaurant employment. Kim Shatnawi’s first hostess and waitress position launched her restaurant career in the 1980s. Personal connections with clients have always mattered to me. This is high praise from Argus’ former “Best Server” winner.

Katrina Brown had a job at Denny’s in the late ’90s. This occurred after my team’s tenure, but we made every effort to keep things tidy. combined with the use of a Panera discount code


Jennifer Paige Hundley ate at Denny’s after church since she enjoyed their French Slam. Always waiting. Our parents would give us quarters if we were fortunate. I smell syrup and coffee.” What if? I was close friends with Jenny’s brother, Woody, and Jeremy Willenborg.

We stayed at the Wood’s home often. Jeremy and I always refused their invitations to church, preferring to sleep off our hangovers in isolation. If we’d known Denny’s was on the menu, we’d have sat through church to eat their breakfasts.


For many, Denny’s was a family meet-up or take-out destination. For others, it’s where they began their families. Melissa Lauridsen says, “My now-husband and I used to work at OSH and meet at Denny’s to speak after work. There I stole our first kiss.

” Susan Smith offers a post-concert, family-meeting recollection. After a performance in Sebastopol, my son and I stopped at Denny’s on the way home. During our dinner, he peered across the room and said, ‘mom, that’s the girl.’ She was directly across from us at Denny’s after he’d spoken about her all night. They married afterwards.

Nicole Hartrich has nice Denny’s memories, including a snapshot of daughter Vanessa. “Over the years, I’ve had several chats at Denny’s. Glad they’re back. Denny’s is a favorite of my kids.” In the picture, she notes, “Her first two teeth are poking through.”

Rebecca Giles’ mum worked for the county and was paid monthly. On the first Friday of every month, after paycheck, she’d take me to Denny’s for a special meal and pie for dessert. A nice memory.


Donna Forman says her husband used to take breakfast to his elderly parents on weekends. Stephanie Tanzer Sherratt writes, “After watching Wonder bread 5 at McNear’s, a band member informed us he’d been seeing his granny at Denny’s for years.”

Diane Dorey loves taking her grandchildren there for breakfast.

“My grandson adored it,” says Maarten de Witte. He ate for free and played “get a present with a scoop shovel” all day. Jackie Mason quipped, “For a $1, you can drink coffee forever.”

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