Limits Of Message Sending: How Many Can I Send Per Day?

Limits Of Message Sending


In this day and age of digital communication, it’s easy to forget that there are limits to how many messages you can send and receive in a single day. With the ease of sending instant messages, emails, texts and more, it can be difficult to keep track of just how many messages you’ve sent and what the daily limit is. Whether you’re using a messaging app or texting with your friends and family, understanding the daily limits of message sending can help you avoid overage fees, keep your data usage low or even protect your privacy. This blog post looks into the different types of messaging services available and explains what their individual message sending limits are.

The Different Types of Message Sending Services

There are many types of message sending services Swordfish, each with their own limits on how many messages can be sent per day. Here is a breakdown of the most popular message sending services and their limits:

– SMS: Most carriers allow for around 1,000-1,500 SMS messages to be sent per day.

– MMS: MMS messages are limited to around 500 per day.

– iMessage: There is no limit to the number of iMessages that can be sent in a day.

– WhatsApp: WhatsApp allows for up to 100 messages to be sent per day.

How Many Messages Can You Send Per Day?

There are limits to how many messages you can send per day, and these vary depending on the messaging service you’re using. For example, WhatsApp imposes a limit of 1,000 messages per day, while Facebook Messenger allows for up to 10,000 messages.

It’s important to understand these limits, as exceeding them can result in your account being temporarily suspended. So if you’re a heavy message user, it’s worth familiarising yourself with the limits of your chosen service.

What if You Need to Send More Messages?

If you need to send more messages than the daily limit, you can do one of two things: either upgrade your subscription or purchase additional message credits. Upgrading your subscription will give you a higher daily limit, while purchasing additional message credits will give you a one-time boost to your limit.


Understanding the limits of message sending is an important step in maintaining a successful messaging campaign. Knowing how many messages you can send per day and which channels are best suited to your specific needs can help you maximize your reach while avoiding potential penalties or other issues. We hope this article has helped you better understand the limits of message sending, so that you can continue to take advantage of its benefits without running into any unnecessary obstacles.

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