Joker Easy Drawings For 7 Years Olds

Joker Easy Drawings For 7 Years Olds

Easy Drawings For 7 Year Olds you may get step-by-step directions, handouts, and coloring pages in Basic Drawings For Kids, where you can also learn how to draw the Joker. Hello, artist! I hope everything is good with you. Check out Easy Drawings For 7 Year Olds if you’re looking for original drawing ideas.

We have some great joker drawing ideas for you! Who hasn’t gotten dependent on the American psychological thriller film “The Joker”? We’ve got some very easy Joker drawing ideas based on Arthur Fleck’s fascinating creation.

Easy Joker Illustration

They are not only fascinating but also really simple to work on. To relax, draw a few of these jokers while watching a movie with your friends. This is the most enjoyable and creative approach to blend fun and delight.

Sketching the Joker

Here is an example of the simplest joker design possible! It’s enjoyable to work on this Joaquin Phoenix joker look. All you need to do to achieve the best outcomes is adhere to the instructions in the manual. For your convenience, each of the 12 steps has a visual reference. Drawing paper, a lead pencil, a black marker, and crayons or paints are required supplies.

Draw a Great Joker Image

Just adhere to our simple guidelines to create a wonderful joker drawing. Making this piece will be enjoyable for both children and amateur artists. The best results can be obtained by simply following step-by-step instructions.

For your convenience, there is also a video tutorial included. Draw this astute criminal and use your artistic license as you see fit. Add color at the end to complete the effect. Let’s keep painting well-known characters; in this lesson, I’ll show you how to sketch the Joker from beginning to end. This supervillain is Batman’s main adversary in the DC Comics universe.

Favorite Jojer Drawing

The Joker is shown as a clown who wields weapons designed to resemble clown props. The Joker always has weird green hair, a purple outfit, and matching makeup.

The Joker is smiling, yet his face has an unattractive nasty look. I hope that drawing this villainous character will catch your interest and teach you some useful drawing methods.

The class is divided into nine steps, each providing a quick suggestion. Carefully draw each line and adhere to the suggested order of actions for a fantastic result.


  • Pencil.
  • Paper.
  • Eraser.
  • Coloring Supplies.

Drawing the Joker Step by Step

  • It takes thirty minutes.
  • Draw the ear and the oval of the face.
  • Draw a crisp line along the lower edge of the square-shaped face and ear.
  • Draw the hair, please.
  • Above the forehead, the hair has a jagged edge and a rounded top contour.
  • Comprise the jacket
  • Draw broad strokes from the top of the head to the small jacket.
  • Display the vest.
  • Subtly tuck the vest and other clothes under the jacket.
  • Incorporate the legs.
  • The legs are small and spaced widely apart.
  • Draw the shoes, please.
  • Draw shoes with pointed toes that point in various directions.
  • Hold out your hands.
  • The Joker is holding a weapon in one hand while raising the palm of the other.
  • There should be more facets.
  • Draw the gaping mouth; the forehead furrows, and the evil eyes.
  • The hues of the Joker.
  • You’ll also need beige and green and several shades of purple.

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