Dubai, being a hub for expatriates, has a large population of Indian ex-pats and to cater to their educational needs, the city is home to numerous Indian schools. This article provides a comprehensive overview of Indian schools in Dubai, including information on the best schools for Indians, the cost of education, the largest Indian school, and whether education is free for Indians in Dubai.

Which School is Best for Indians in Dubai?

When it comes to choosing the best Indian school in Dubai, there are several factors to consider, including the quality of education, the curriculum, the facilities, and the extra-curricular activities. Some of the top Indian schools in Dubai include Global Indian International School, Indian High School, GEMS Modern Academy, and The Millennium School.

How Much Does Indian School Cost in Dubai?

The school fees in dubai depend on the school and the grade level. On average, the annual fee for an Indian school in Dubai can range from AED 1000 to AED 1500. However, the fee structure may vary based on the school’s reputation, location, and facilities.

Which is the Largest Indian School in Dubai?

The largest Indian school in Dubai is the Global Indian International School (GIIS). This school offers a world-class education to students of different nationalities, including Indian expatriates, with a curriculum that is designed to meet international standards.

Does Dubai offer free education to Indians?

Education is not free in Dubai, regardless of the nationality of the student. All students, including Indians, are required to pay fees to attend school in Dubai.


Dubai is home to numerous Indian schools that provide quality education to the city’s large population of Indian expatriates. While the cost of education varies depending on the school, parents can rest assured that their children will receive a world-class education in Dubai. The Global Indian International School, being the largest Indian school in Dubai, is a great option for those seeking a top-quality education for their children.

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