How to Draw a Koi Fish 


Draw a koi fish in just 9 easy steps! Koi fish are the colorful varieties of Amur carp. They are called Nishikigoi in

Draw a koi fish in just 9 easy steps! Koi fish are the colorful varieties of Amur carp. They are called Nishikigoi in Japan, which translates to “broken carp” in English. You may also learn many things cartoon drawing, scary drawing, pencil drawing, sunflower drawing easy cool things to draw, scary drawing, creative drawing, and flower drawing.

Their scales are also usually multicolored, which makes them very attractive to look at. Due to the distinct vibrant patterns of their scales, they are usually kept in outdoor ponds or water gardens for decorative purposes. Their flawless beauty has created a huge demand for a free koi fish drawing tutorial.

To meet the wishes of our readers, we have selected a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a koi fish, divided into 9 digestible steps to make your task easier. Plus, each step comes with elaborate illustrations that serve as a visual guide as you follow the instructions one by one.

The most fun of this tutorial is that you can customize the structure of the drawing as well as its colors. It allows you to create your unique work of art. The best part? All you need is a sheet of report and your famous pencil! Have joy, and use your imagination to draw a koi fish!

How to draw a koi fish – allow’s form!

Step 1

Beginning in the center of your document, draw a curved teardrop form to trace the shape of the koi fish. To make sure the koi fish is drawn in the center of your paper, draw a horizontal and vertical line on your form to make contact lines. The moment the two pipes encounter is where you should draw your koi fish’s body.

Step 2 – Describe the body of the koi fish.

Draw an upward curved line at the pointed end of the koi fish’s body. Next, draw a curved line down the middle starting from the end point of the line we just drew. This describes one or half of the caudal fin or tail of the koi fish. When drawn correctly, its shape should resemble three-quarters of the outline of a leaf.

Step 3 – Complete the Caudal or Caudal Fin

Using the half-tail fin outline we drew in the previous step, draw a similar shape next to it to complete the tail fin of the koi fish. After completing this step, your koi fish’s tail should be full.

Step 4 – now draw the pectoral fin

In this step, we will structure the fin on the side of the koi fish body. Start by drawing a diagonal line upwards. Next, draw an inward curved vertical line from the line’s endpoint down. Finally, draw another diagonal line to complete the shape of the fin. Note that the two ends of the outline should not be connected. Also, make sure the corners of the fins are curved rather than sharp.

Step 5 – Remove all the upper and decrease fins.

The huge fin on top of a koi fish’s body is called the dorsal fin, while the smaller ones on the bottom are called the ventral fin and anal fin. Begin by making the fin at the canopy by removing a broad, curved line with both endings skimming the cover of the koi’s body. Next, draw two parallel lines on the bottom of the koi fish’s body. The fin on the good side should be bigger than the one on the left flank.

Step 6 – Add Ways to All Fins

Once all the koi fish fins are complete, it’s time to add some patterns and textures to make them more dimensional and realistic.

Draw several lines on the fins’ surface to create their distinctive pattern. Note that the lines inside the fins should not be straight but should line up with the natural outline of the fins.

Step 7 – Place a Smile on the Koi Fish’s Beginning

Make your koi happy by drawing an upward-curved line across its face to create a big smile. Then, draw another curved line at the end of the smile line to complete the look.

Step 8 – Draw a Huge Glittery Eye

Since the koi fish faces sideways, only one eye is visible, so we’ll draw only one. Draw a perfect circle over the mouth of the koi fish to emphasize the eye. Next, draw a small circle inside the eye to create the iris. To create a realistic glowing eye effect, shade the entire eye except for the small inner circle. This hack can make any character’s facial expression more adorable!

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