Hair Dye Ideas

On the hunt for new hair color ideas to spice up your old boring look? Fret not, as in this article, I will be discussing the top most hair color trends that you could try out for your own hair right now.

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Best Hair Dye Ideas

Here are some of the best hair color ideas that you need to try out for yourself definitely:

Sun-Kissed Hair

Sun-kissed hair is never getting off-trend anytime soon, and if you are one of the people who haven’t tried out this form of hair-dying method yet, then you must atleast once. Doing this hair color brings out a glow to your skin. Opt for warm blonde and light brown highlights to get the perfect look.

Caramel Highlights

If you want to opt for a look where your hair looks more glowy and textured, then undoubtedly go for caramel highlights. If you are a natural brunette, then you would definitely benefit from this hair-dying method. It is a very minimalistic and natural-looking hair dye idea. This hair color also perfectly complements both dark and light skin tones equally.

Sandy Blonde Balayage

This hair dye idea is perfect for getting a summery feel. This shade is multi-tonal but mostly warm-toned – if paired with a few light-colored streaks, then it looks even more gorgeous. The Sandy Blonde Balayage is an up-and-coming trend in the year 2023. This hair dye mainly suits people who have light, medium-cool, or neutral skin tones.

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Warm Espresso Balayage

For people who like hair colors in simpler shades, and particularly those who need less maintenance. This is a sharp contrast from all of the hair color trends that we got to see the past year – all drastic wild shades of neon and other super bright colors.

As a general rule, people who have warm skin tones should stick to warmer shades, but this is one such color that will look great on cool-toned people too!

Fancy Bronze Strands

The hunt for the perfect hair color for women doesn’t end anywhere and is a very complex process. But, if you are looking for a dye job in a blend of both cool and warm colors, then this is the perfect dye idea for you. If you are a natural brunette, then all the better, as they look really good on a base hair color like that. 

This hair color looks great on tanned people too! This is one such color that all people are sure to fall in love with.

Chestnut Lowlights and Highlights

This is a very on-trend hair color that is a mix of slightly lighter hues and brunette locks – like chocolate brown and chestnut brown. An amazing option for ladies who want a natural and fresh look. Also, who said that orange hair dye always has to look boring and brash on hair? The chestnut colors have hints of orange in them that look amazing on dark hair.

This is one of those hair colors containing rare hues that look great on all skin tones – from fair and light skin tones to dark skin tones. But it is still best suited for people who have neutral or warm undertones. For people with cool undertones, the warm shades of gold, brown and red present in the chestnut color clash – and don’t give that much of an ideal look.

Light Brown Ombre

The light brown ombre gives off a very romantic and sweet vibe. This is one such color that never seems to go out of fashion. You can go to your hairdresser and get the ombre balayage technique done to your hair to get an incredible color gradient look. 

This color would look best on people with warm skin tones.

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Money Piece Highlights For Brunette hair

Adding money piece highlights really bring out a glow to your face. If you are tired of having the same hair look every day, then I would definitely recommend going for this trend. It is a glamorous and very on-trend look that doesn’t take away from the glory of your natural hair. 

Money piece highlights should be done in contrasting colors to make it stand out among the rest of the hair. Also, as it directly frames your face, you need to make sure that it compliments your skin tone. For instance – people who have naturally black hair can opt for light brown money piece highlights.

Tip: If you are collecting ideas for a DIY-er at home, then I would suggest that you refer to hair color charts – either get printouts or buy one. That will really help you in narrowing your choices down. For instance- you can refer to the bremod hair colour chart.

Icy Blonde Highlights

Icy blonde hair color on jet black hair is unarguably one of the hottest trends of hair color of the year 2023. This is one such hair color that compliments cool-toned skin tones the most! If you are opting for this, then get ready to look like one of the most gorgeous ice princesses.

Brunette hair With Auburn Highlights

You can warm up your dark hair by going for the reddish-brown highlights. You can either opt for thinner or chunkier pieces of highlights for this – whatever suits your style.

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To Wrap It Up!

Those were the top ten hair dye ideas to look elegant this coming year. Thank you for reading up till here! I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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