Issue with the WIFI Connectivity? Read the Guide By Repair Experts


Has that ever happened to you that you are unable to connect your device to the Wi-Fi? It is always very frustrating and you almost find your phone useless without a Wi-Fi connection. To help you with this issue this guide will mention all the best solutions that you can keep in mind for solving Wi-Fi connectivity problems. Or if you do not have that much time it is better to hire a professional phone repair shop in Ottawa services to solve this issue for you. Mobile Doctor is one of the best phone repair service providers in the market. We are affordable and experienced to deal with all kinds of mobile issues. Our expert team will figure out the root cause causing this issue and help you get rid of it efficiently.

Check Wifi Settings

This is one of the most simplest solutions for the connectivity problems in your mobile phone or laptop. However, if you are experiencing the WIFI issue, you must check the settings of the WIFI. all you need to do is to go to the settings of your phone or laptop and click on the connections. You’ll see the multiple WIFI options available in the menu bar, you need to choose your WIFI connection and check the problem. There can be issue with the toggle and if is off, try to turn on the toggle from moving it from left to right. 

Remove the Airoplane Mode 

Sometimes you experience the WIFI connectivity issue because of keeping your device on the airoplane mode. It is better to keep checking on your mobile phone and disable the airoplane mode for the better internet connection. 

Check Router Name

The phone repair shop experts revealed another solution for the connection problem, which is checking the name of your router. It is good to check the name of your WIFI connection in the settings with the same router name. If the name is not correct, you should rename the router and then connect the internet connection. 

Disable Mac Filtering

Mac is the multimedia access control which is helpful for the identification of the devices for the connection to your mobile phone. Besides, the experts at the phone repair shop claims that Mac is also responsible for filtering your WIFI connections and permits only safe connections to your device. However, all you need to enter the default gateway address in the address bar. Now you can default login by using the admin account login.  

Reboot Your Router

If still your mobile phone is not connected with the WIFI at your home, you can reboot your WIFI router. However, rebooting the WIFI router can be very helpful for fixing the connectivity issue for your device. The rebooting process is not as difficult as it seems, all you need to unplug the router for about a minute and then plug it back inside the switch board. Now, turn on the router again and try to connect the internet with your device to check whether the problem has resolved or not. But you can hire the professionals from the computer repair store in Ottawa for resolving the issue. 


I hope you get the best solutions for resolving the WIFI connectivity problem with your device wether it is a phone or a computer. If you try these steps carefully, you will be able to connect the WIFI with your device. But if still you don’t get the results, you can get help from the phone repair shop in Ottawa where they can fix the problem. There can be issue with your device for not connecting with the mobile phone or computer. You can ask them to resolve your problem. 

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