NEW YORK (AP) – Rodarte’s glittering presentation on Friday during New York Fashion Week took the audience to a grandiose Celtic mythological world with a dark twilight atmosphere. The magnificent presentation of the fall/winter collection was hosted at the Williamsburg Savings Bank and featured dining tables adorned with silver candelabras and filled to the brim with food and fruits sparkled in silver. The tutus for 2010’s “Black Swan” were designed by sister-duo Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte. They appeared to have drawn inspiration from the movie once more.

Rodarte’s collection demonstrated how the “ballet core” fashion

The Fashion Week in New York movement might take a darker turn this year. Buttery satin, ruffles, ribbons, and lace were prominently featured throughout some of the most aesthetically pleasing gowns with basic designs and puffy, broad shoulders and structure, in typical Rodarte fashion. Some of the models carried large tulip bouquets while donning capes. There’s an old saying that says there’s a man hanging onto a set of enormous robot arms behind every good woman waiting for the perfect photo opportunity. Or telling her to completely shave her head. Or, on a more typical day, setting her up with the greatest designers in Paris and New York for yet another red-carpet look—which may or may not have her totally painted red.

Since Fashion Week in New York,

we’re talking about Doja Cat’s four-year partnership with creative director and stylist Brett Alan Nelson, who has been there pretty much every step of the way as the singer-rapper has become one of the most delightful fashion and style canvases of the music world, perhaps the “everyman” element does not apply here. Nelson was present for the whole cover story picture shoot when Variety met up with him.

We’ve participated in Fashion Week

Let’s talk about those two show-stopping outfits from Paris Couture Week. First, the 30,000 jeweled red look. Although applying makeup for five hours sounds exhausting, no one would argue that it wasn’t worthwhile. We’ve participated in Fashion Week, and we’ve undoubtedly shared significant moments with Schiaparelli in the past. At the 2022 Billboard Awards, this happened especially for us. We were heading out for Paris Couture and wanted to execute a huge event, so I approached the brand’s creative director Daniel Roseberry. I told him that this would be our first time doing couture, despite the fact that he has a lovely collection of pieces that we might have worn.

As an artist and a member of the Couture

, the pinnacle of Fashion Week, it was going to be a huge event for her. He then said, “Give me a sec. I’ll reflect on a few things and get back to you. And since I am familiar with Donatella’s tastes and preferences. I am typically heavily involved in the custom clothing process with everyone from Donatella to Fernando (Garcia) at Oscar de La Renta. But I have a lot of faith in Daniel and what he does. He came up with this notion because I urged him to take it further.

Normally, I request a lot of sketches from individuals so that I can give her the choice of something else if she doesn’t like the first one. But when he brought us the sketch, I immediately called her and said, “You’re going to freak out. This will be the coolest thing ever, no doubt. Couture is art, and it was both magical and artistic. We’re going to see the friggin Mona, it seems. After that, she received flak from everyone for not wearing eyelashes.

There are many youngsters online that have opinions

that is unnecessary, and the Internet is awful. We flew to Paris with a very small group. So the next day she and I were just kind of giggling in the makeup room. She was going to do it on her own as we didn’t have any glam there. just laughed and said I’m going to give them lashes. She had been making jokes about simply growing a mustache. I said, “No, you have to go everywhere if we’re going to accomplish it. Make your brows and a small goatee.

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