Comparing the Top 12 Cloud Video Streaming Platforms

Cloud Video Streaming

Make sure you’re utilizing the most appealing and efficient marketing strategies if you’re an event organizer hoping to appeal to audiences nowadays. Numerous studies have demonstrated the value of video marketing and the fact that companies that use it effectively are more successful than those that don’t. Fortunately, numerous digital solutions today make using video straightforward for enterprises. Cloud video streaming is the perfect option for marketers looking for a cloud-based video streaming provider that can fully capitalize on the Internet’s thirst for never-ending video content due to its simplicity of use and nearly endless scalability.

What Is Cloud Video Streaming?

Cloud video streaming is the practice of storing your video files in the cloud rather than on-site computers (in simplified terms, a global network of servers and databases). These files can be accessed online by viewers without having to download anything. One of the biggest advantages of cloud video streaming is its improved transcoding capabilities. Successful live and VOD streaming depends on creating numerous versions of the same stream with changeable resolutions and bitrates in today’s environment when consumers have access to a variety of devices and bandwidths.

More effectively than on-premises servers, cloud video systems can transrate, transcode (such as switching between codecs), and transfer video and audio files, guaranteeing equally fluid playing for viewers with iffy coverage on iPhones and viewers watching on their TVs with great Wi-Fi. Cloud streaming quickens your distribution process overall for improved watching (and fewer complaints!)

Top cloud based video streaming platform


Dreamcast provides a user-friendly cloud-based streaming solution for users of all skill levels. The platform can accommodate a wide range of corporate requirements thanks to its enterprise-grade hosting and streaming capabilities. Users will have a cost-effective cloud alternative for distributing video material to their audience after they become familiar with Dreamcast’s extensive collection of capabilities.

Dreamcast is a broadcasters’ enterprise-grade video platform that offers to host both live and on-demand video. Benefits from Dreamcast include the capacity to broadcast video to cloud storage. Small and medium-sized enterprises are the primary aim of this cloud-based video streaming platform. One of its best features is a fantastic video analytics feature that lets you assess how well your material performs. Additionally, it features video management tools that allow you to transcode live broadcasts, preserve them for subsequent posting as on-demand material, and give customers the option to watch them repeatedly.


Dacast is the best live streaming service provider with a video and player API for integrating video into other cloud-based apps and services. The monthly cost of Dacast’s live streaming solutions ranges from $65 to a business solution that is specially priced. Dacast offers a full-service solution for video hosting and live streaming capabilities, including the possibility to monetize your video, and it targets companies, governmental agencies, and religious organizations.


The enterprise-level streaming platform from Brightcove is focused on marketing and advertising. The platform offers compatibility with the most widely used cloud applications and platforms. Brightcove caters to major media and advertising companies and only provides pricing information upon request. This platform is mostly used by streamers for low latency streaming.

IBM Cloud Video

IBM Cloud Video is a well-known supplier of on-demand live streaming and live feeds powered by AI. Despite offering a 30-day free trial, IBM only provides plan pricing upon contacting them. Businesses employing video for internal purposes, education, and advertising are the focus of IBM Cloud Video.


Before it became a giant platform used by big businesses to store, host, and distribute video, Vimeo was a platform for content creators to share their work. The cloud-based product from Vimeo, called Vimeo Livestream, is an all-in-one solution with several capabilities to suit your needs. Like Wowza, it is SOC-2 certified, therefore high-level security is guaranteed.


The cloud video platform from Panopto is focused on learning management systems and educational material. For instance, it allows educational organizations like colleges to record lectures and make them available for students to view anytime and wherever they want. Even for training and knowledge sharing, businesses can use it. Additionally, viewers can search the encrypted video library to review both old and new content as they please. What to anticipate:

  • Being able to quickly record video from many cameras and screens
  • Clever video analytics
  • System integrations for LMS
  • Possibilities for white labeling


A streaming option for sharing expert videos is Vidyard. The cloud service is geared toward corporate communications, marketing, and sales. Comprehensive video creation, customization, hosting, and analytics solutions are available from Vidyard.


Self-hosted streaming and API access are supported by Wowza’s video streaming solution. The Wowza Streaming Cloud and the Wowza Streaming Engine for enterprise-level streaming make up this low-latency, economical solution. Wowza has a “pay as you go” price strategy that starts at $25 per month, in addition to a tailored enterprise package. Wowza caters to both users and programmers creating live-streaming applications.


One of the best social media streaming service providers is StreamShark, which provides a range of business-level streaming options like brandable channels and encoder management. Organizations having a global reach are the platform’s intended audience. Its monthly rates range from $199 for individuals and small organizations to contact requests for bigger corporations, depending on viewer hours and other usage criteria. With pricing that is based on each customer’s demands, StreamShark targets a wide spectrum of corporate users.

JW Player

For businesses with various budgets, JW Player is a cloud video streaming option that enables live streaming and VOD hosting. JW Player first gained popularity for its HTML5 video player, which was instrumental in the early development of YouTube, the most widely used consumer-grade streaming site today. JW Player’s entry-level version costs $10 per month, however, there are also customized enterprise solutions available. With a dependable video player, JW Player offers live and on-demand video streaming.

Liveswitch Cloud

A specific program created exclusively for live streaming is called Liveswitch Cloud. The plans offered by Liveswitch Cloud require registration before revealing a number, however, participant minutes and messaging are extras. The platform also provides a tailored business solution. Liveswitch Cloud is geared toward programmers creating platforms and applications for video across a range of sectors.

Cloudflare Stream

An API-powered streaming solution created for VOD hosting is called Cloudflare Stream. It provides a number of minute-based pricing levels as well as a specialized enterprise package. This platform is geared toward programmers who create scalable livestream applications for organizations of all sizes.

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