Avoid Costly Website Downtime with Serverwala’s Dedicated Server Australia

Dedicated Server Australia


Every website owner strives to ensure the website’s maximum uptime and minimum downtime. While the uptime network depends on many factors, the major role here is played by the web hosting solution. A Dedicated Server Australia From Serverwala is one such web hosting solution that enables you to attain the highest hosting flexibility and complete control over your web hosting environment. This further helps you make your website acquire and deliver the maximum uptime and almost zero downtime. Further, dedicated server web hosting also lets you surpass all the limitations & restrictions one may confront with other sorts of web hosting solutions. 

However, it becomes equally important for you to seek the most steadfast and well-recognized web host in order to access all the incredible hosting features of the best dedicated server Australia. Therefore, via this guide, we have provided insights into one such web host known as the ‘Serverwala data center.’ Dig into the segments below and grab all the necessary details regarding Serverwala and its top-notch dedicated hosting services. 

Know About Serverwala

Serverwala is a Tier-III data center that is widely popular across the globe. It is the world-class, prominent, and most reliable data center that renders the dedicated server Australia at the most viable cost pricing. The data center is also highly renowned through the numerous awards it earned for accommodating the hosting needs and necessities of varied websites worldwide. Further, at Serverwala, you gain the support of robust system tools, top-tier infrastructure, and avant-garde hosting facilities. This facilitates you to make the best usage of your bare-metal dedicated web hosting server without any restraints or hassle. 

How Serverwala’s Dedicated Server Australia Avoid Costly Website Downtime?

It renders the below-mentioned hosting features to help your website avoid costly downtime – 

  • The data center provides the assurance of at least 99.90% uptime network. 
  • With the Australia dedicated server web hosting, you also receive the service level agreement to obtain the guarantee of all the promised hyper-scale hosting services & facilities.
  • Serverwala offers the support of Hardware RAID, secure network channels, and private VLAN subnets. 
  • You get the freedom to access Softculous one-click installer, enterprise-grade equipment, client management software, and the latest technology for the website’s seamless performance. 

Serverwala Offers Best Dedicated Server in Australia With Cheap Plans and Packages

Serverwala data center is also well-reputed globally for providing an extensive spectrum of Australia dedicated web hosting plans and packages at the cheapest rates. This allows you to readily acquire the most suitable dedicated servers hosting plan or packages based on the necessities of your website. On the other side, every Serverwala’s dedicated server web hosting plan & package comes with scalable dedicated web hosting resources and expanded hosting flexibility. 

They further let you access resilient web technologies and the most evolved security measures. The data center also permits you to quickly upgrade or downgrade your existing cheap dedicated server Australia plan or package anytime according to your requirements & website traffic with the greatest ease. 

Dedicated Server Australia

Benefits of Dedicated Server Australia From Serverwala to Avoid Downtime

You receive a lot of amazing hosting benefits with Serverwala’s cheap dedicated server Australia, here are mentioned some of them that help your website gain the maximum uptime – 

24/7/365 Technical & customer assistance

Serverwala data center assures to deliver round-the-clock technical & customer support service. It possesses a team of experienced specialists and proficient professionals that remains available 24/7 over multiple channels to provide instant assistance and worthwhile solutions to all your server issues. This helps you prevent your website from encountering unnecessary downtime. 

Premium Bandwidth

With the dedicated server plans & packages  in Australia, you get the possibility to access unlimited bandwidth. This enables your website to accommodate any number of visitors with full efficiency. Also, the data center renders consistent as well as the fastest network connectivity to let your website function effectively even during traffic peaks. 

Advanced data protection

Serverwala makes the security of its customers and clients a priority. Thus, it offers the most progressive data security features, incorporating DDoS protection, free SSL certificates, end-to-end encryption, automated data backup services, etc. This further stimulates you to ensure the full safety of your website and its visitors against all cyber threats. 

SSH root control

At the data center, you can easily attain SSH root control access to your best dedicated server Australia. With complete root access control, you get the liberty to run, manage, and administer your web hosting exactly as you prefer. Moreover, this lets your website acquire the maximum possible uptime network and fastest operational speed. 


A Australia dedicated server is the foremost and most promising web hosting solution that provides you with top-grade hosting benefits and superior administrative privileges. With dedicated server web hosting, your website gets the possibility to attain the highest possible uptime and almost zero downtime. It also comes with unbeatable data security & the maximum processing power to make your website operate optimally. 

Moreover, Serverwala cloud data center is one such web host on which you can confidently rely for purchasing a cheap dedicated server Australia that comes with best-in-class hosting services. The data center further ensures the most competent hardware tools, cutting-edge facilities, and the most profitable web hosting features. You may also browse the official & informative website of the data center to grab additional details regarding the cheapest yet excellent dedicated server hosting plans & packages.

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