A Quick Guide to Weight Loss Fitness Plan

Weight Loss Fitness Plan

Every weight loss journey begins with two dilemmas—what to eat and how to work out. Some people start by carefully devising a diet plan, whilst some get a gym membership. While both are great starters, you should understand that each body is different. Thus, it mandates a different course for everyone. 

There is no one-plan-fits-all guide to weight loss on the Internet. So, we recommend that the first thing one should do to begin a fitness journey is to find a good personal trainer in Laverton or wherever you live. 

Once you do that, the real program commences. Losing weight is easier said than done, so it demands a high level of motivation and a plan. 

Here, we discuss a few components you can consider including in your fitness plan after consulting with your personal trainer in Laverton. Let’s dive into the topic! 

Easy Does It: Don’t Skip Weight Training

When you begin working out, getting tempted to do cardio vigorously is natural. However, you must not skip weight training. It is an indispensable part of losing weight. 

The simple explanation is that your metabolism stays high for up to 24 hours after weight training, but with cardio, it doesn’t stay up as long. Therefore, you should find a balance between cardio and weight training because we know how great metabolism is for losing weight.

Go by Your Style: Cardio vs Weight Training

Motivation plays a key role while working out. When you do something you love, your motivation rises, and vice-versa. Thus, you must consider your training style into account while working out. 

For example, you may love cardio or weight training. If so, how to approach your fitness routine? 

  • Cardio Lovers 

Firstly, it’s always great to strike a balance between cardio and weight training. However, the major portion of your weekly or monthly plan will include cardio. 

Say, your personal trainer in Laverton may create a plan with two days of body strengthening workouts, four days of cardio, and one day for recuperation. This is one way to go about your weight-loss plan. 

However, it is also advisable to physically stay active outside of the gym. You can track your step count and ensure it is at least 10,000 daily, even on your recovery days. Movement helps raise blood flow and drives more oxygen-rich blood to muscles. This helps speedy recovery. 

  • Passionate Weight Lifters

On the other hand, some people love lifting weights. It gives them an adrenaline rush. For those people, the plan can be even more diverse. 

For instance, the plan may have body strengthening exercises, cardio, abs day, legs and butt day, and finally, one or two days to rest. 

More importantly, the quality of the workout is more crucial than its duration. If you have an hour, do well for that time; or if you have only 40 minutes, use it well. People are obsessed with one-hour fitness routines, but practically, they may not be for everybody. 

Thus, you should talk to your personal trainer in Laverton and create a more quality plan for the available time. Finally, remember to stay active the rest of the day also.

Diet habits: Eat fewer calories than you burn

Losing weight is not just about sweating and starving. It is a goal that requires a strategy regarding both workout and diet. 

Diet, in particular, is like the fuel for your engine. If you don’t fuel your body right, it will be a difficult journey to lose weight. One crucial lesson in losing weight is to consume fewer calories than you burn. Also, essentially, eat quality calories. 

However, you need not fully dive into this diet concept if you are struggling. Make little changes to your diet and lifestyle—it will snowball into a massive transformation one day. Unless you care about your diet patterns, your training won’t amount to much. 

Warming up

Your fitness routine involves a 5 to 10-minute warm-up session also. It gets your body and mind ready to roll with the real training. 

You can try some of these warming-up activities:

  • Foam rolling 
  • Dynamic warm-up 
  • Stretches
  • Arm circles
  • Knee lifts

Your personal trainer in Laverton will also enlighten you with more personalised warm-up exercises. After warming up, take five minutes to cool down by inhaling and exhaling slowly. Now you are all set to lift, move, and burn calories. 

Final Say

Losing weight is a slow process. One word of caution: don’t rush to level up with your weights or exercises. Take the advice of your personal trainer in Laverton and follow that. If you rush, it could negatively affect your body. 

Start slow and gradually build.

Looking for a weight loss personal trainer?

Consider checking out JosFit. Its specialised trainers ensure the best possible results in your fitness journey. It also offers a complimentary consultation and training session to give you a taste of what it feels like. 

We hope these insights help you achieve your fitness goals. 

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