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Do you carry around a reusable bag that you use on a regular basis? That’s correct, and it’s been a Baggu for well over a half decade now. They use materials such as nylon, canvas, and leather to make their Baggu Wallet. Everything, with the exception of their leather bags, is vegetarian or vegan.

Initial Thoughts And Reactions

This analysis pertains to the reusable nylon bags that they sell (Standard size). BAGGU SAYS: Our most popular reusable bag is not limited to being used only in grocery stores; rather, it can be taken anywhere and transported (almost) anything. You can either hold it in your hand or sling it over your shoulder. It can hold the contents of two to three Baggu Discount Code  plastic grocery bags.

Pre-Consumer Waste

It can be folded down into a 5 inch by 5 inch pouch. Holds 50 lbs. Currently manufactured with forty percent recycled nylon obtained from pre-consumer waste. When I first got my hands on some Baggu Wallet I only purchased a couple of them. I was aware that the rip stop nylon was supposed to be very durable, which appealed to me.

A Matching Pouch

I also liked that each bag came with a matching pouch, which made it simple for me to slip it into my bag whenever I went out and about. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been the proud owner of Baggu Wallet for more than five years. During that time, I have actually lost a few of them, which is very unfortunate.

Purchases Of Baggu Goods

However, I have never been forced to get rid of them because they have never ripped. In order to expand my collection, I have recently made several purchases of Baggu Wallet  goods. I put them to use in every situation. Everything in its entirety.  Whenever I don’t have access to my purse, I can use this instead.

Use This Instead

  • to lug around a number of grocery bags at once.
  • To travel.
  • to keep things in storage.
  • At the ocean or the swimming pool.

Set The Baggu Down

if I need to put my purse down while I’m out and about, this will hold it and keep it clean. First, I’ll put my purse in the Baggu Wallet , and then I’ll set the Baggu down, so that the Baggu will be the one to get dirty, and not my bag. They are available in three different sizes, namely Baby, Standard, and Big.

Variety Of Hues And Patterns

Although I currently own the Standard in a variety of hues and patterns, in the past I have also owned the Big (it was lost). It was a dream, and I miss the Big, which I used for doing laundry and storing blankets. When I go out, my purse always has a Baggu Wallet in it. I never leave the house without one.

Such Wonderful People

Because once you make using a reusable bag a habit, you will quickly become aware of all the different ways in which it can be put to use. There are times when I don’t plan on purchasing food, but when I get there, my hands are already too full to carry anything else, so I pull out my Baggu Wallet and put everything in there.

Tie The Handles Of The Bag

If I’m going to be transporting something in the bag that needs to be vertical, like a can of soup, then I’ll tie the handles of the bag together in a knot to keep the contents in place. Because their rip stop nylon is smooth, it is not only simple but also quick and easy to remove the knot.

They Can Be Easily Clean

Because they can easily clean, they do not leave any stains. They come out of the washing machine looking as good as new. The length of the handle is ideal for carrying the bag in either hand or over the shoulder, even when wearing a coat.

Vivid Colors Are Stunning

One of the smartest purchases I’ve ever made was in a pair of Baggu Wallet . I really don’t know what I would do if I had to go through life without them. They are always available whenever I require an additional bag, and they are capable of holding more weight than I am able to carry. The vivid colors are stunning, but black is always a good choice because it is timeless and goes with anything.

Put Your Bag Down

Even if you put your bag down (which you really shouldn’t do) in a crowded place (like the beach or a mall), it will be easy for a thief to see what’s inside and take it. This makes bright bags an excellent choice for these situations. I like to think that the vibrant colors serve as more of a deterrent because it is impossible to miss the bright pink or bright orange bag that is moving.

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Line Of Sight At All Times

For obvious reasons, you should never let anyone steal your belongings by not keeping your bag(s) on your person or out of your line of sight at all times. Watch me make a fool of myself while posing with the Scott Brothers from HGTV while I eat a vegan Impossible Whopper from Burger King. I’m carrying my Baggu with me the whole time. Low biker boots by Vegetarian Shoes, in case you were wondering.

Airy And Easy To Clean

My vote goes to anything that is stylish, yet airy and easy to clean. There are a lot of reusable bags on the market, but I have years of personal experience using and abusing my Baggu Wallet, so I will continue to enjoy stalking their new patterns and color ways every season. Although there are a lot of reusable bags on the market, I have years of personal experience using and abusing my Baggu Wallet.

Should I Make Another Purchase

Absolutely. I am a diehard Baggu fan. After several years of consistent use, they look and feel as good as new. I wonder how many products can make that claim. You can purchase Baggu from either Baggu.com or Amazon.com.

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