7 Most Useful Tips To Design Embroidered Patches With Ease

design embroidered patches

Personalized patches or emblems have always been in trend, and now they have picked up the pace. Back in the days, people only used badges to mend their clothing and other accessories. These days we see more and more people turning their old jackets and shirts into a more personalized apparel through patches. Along with that, it is also a pretty effective branding and promotional tool.

Thread creations with modern silk screening and custom embroidery are a great way to show your love for a specific sports team, music band, movie artist, or your favorite hobby. Patches to clothes are what tattoos to your skin. We intentionally compared these two things. People who have got themselves tattooed would know how difficult it is to shape a perfect design in mind that you want on your skin. Similarly, you have to keep a few things in mind while designing embroidered patches for your clothes.

Top 7 Useful Tips That Will Help You In Designing Embroidered Patches

This blog is all about custom patches and the people who love them. You will have some crazy ideas, but executing them perfectly on the garment is not an easy process. Today we will tell you some of the most basic and essential tips you must follow to craft a patch that can spice up your clothes. So let’s dive right in!

1) Finalize The Design Elements

You have an empty canvas that can be filled with colors and different design elements. Custom embroidered patches for branding might not be that difficult to design as they will mainly focus on the company’s logo. However, when you are personalizing them for your own use, then it is important to pick the right combination of text and graphic elements. You would not want the final design to be crammed with so many things that it starts looking unattractive.

2) Shape and Size

You cannot go any further till you are not sure about the size and shape of your crest. Custom emblems can be crafted in almost any size or shape that you want, so it gives you the creative freedom to be as innovative as you can. However, the garment or fabric surface where the patch will be applied should always be under consideration. A too-big emblem on a cap or a too-small badge on the back of your jacket will end up as a fashion disaster. Smaller-sized patches are used for children’s garments, and sports jerseys have larger patches. Size and shape are crucial factors that can’t be overlooked.

3) Go Bold And Be More Expressive

When you are trying to design embroidery patches, be more mindful of how the design would look after being stitched. Smaller text and finer lines will be pretty difficult to recreate through the needlework. Even if it gets embroidered, no one would be able to read it. Thick and bold text will ensure your emblem has a striking appearance and it conveys your message properly. Legible patches are considered more eye-catching as their main design elements can be seen from a distance.

4) Contrast

You would surely want your custom patches to stand out and grab all the eyeballs. The right color combination can make your designs pop and look more captivating. For example, we all know how attractive the contrast of black and white color scheme looks. There are 18 decillion colors, and the human eye can detect 10 million of them, so it means that you have plenty of options to play with. The right thread and twill combo can either make your crest a big hit or a total flop.

5) Pick The Right Border

Your patch design will remain incomplete without a border, and it is important from both graphical and functional aspects. Having a border would mean that your emblem won’t have loose threads, and it adds definition to the whole design by framing it. The border type and color are the two things that you have to contemplate. You can pick the border color as per the contrasting color scheme. Merrowed and Die-cut are the two border options, and you have to pick the one that brings your whole artwork together.

6) Go For A Premium-Quality Thread

When you are putting so much effort into designing custom iron on patches, you would want to craft something durable that last for a very long time. The thread quality goes unnoticed as people are more focused on the design. When you buy an expensive car and feed it the cheapest fuel, do not expect it to keep on running for a longer period. Low-quality thread breaks often, and its color can easily get faded over time. A better quality thread will guarantee you a consistent stitch and an impressive-looking patch with immaculate finishing.

7) Simplicity Is The Key

It is understandable that you would want your embroidery patch designs to look stylish and classy. This is where most people lose the plot and go over the board with their designs. Creativity has no limits, but excess of anything is never good. You have to remember that simplicity has its own charm, and it holds the key to sophistication. The canvas of a 60mm patch makes the digitizing more complicated. A precise design with neat details can simplify the embroidering process, or else things can easily get too messy.

Let’s Conclude This Discussion

Patches have been used for decades, and now they have become a style statement for this new generation who like to wear customized clothing. A well-designed thread creation can help you tell your story through your outfit.

Follow all these tips that we have told you in this blog if you want to craft a custom patch that can easily stand out and capture all the attention. These smart tricks will make it easier for you to design an innovative emblem that makes the embroidery look good. Keep it simple, and don’t get too confused in your thoughts. Complicating things in your head can negatively affect the final designs.

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